Welcome to Spain in Style

The In Style Difference

Spain in Style is a new luxury travel business, dedicated to bringing together a hand-picked and personally reviewed collection of the best luxury hotels in Spain.

We believe that by recognising and valuing the special elements that we personally look for when we select a luxury hotel for ourselves, that we have curated an enviable collection of the very best hotels on offer in Spain.

Our own experience of trying to find the best of the best in luxury accommodation was that there wasn’t anyone out there providing the information we wanted or in an easily accessible way. Enter Spain in Style.

Our personal knowledge and passion for Spain has been developed over many years of travelling to and around this amazing country. We think many people still don’t know just how incredible and varied Spain is as a destination, and our aim is to showcase not only the best hotels across the country but also the hundreds of hidden gems the country has to offer.

Our love of Spain, coupled with a love of luxury hotel experiences has become the founding backbone of all we aim to offer to our clients at Spain in Style. Inspired in our early days by the ‘Courvoisier Book of the Best’, a career in travel and our visits to many of these fabulous hotels and resorts around the world, we have developed a deep passion and knowledge of what really makes a luxury hotel experience.

For us, luxury isn’t just location, services or facilities. There can be a huge difference in quality for example between one 5* hotel and another and Spain in Style will only include those that we think have the best service and highest standards of accommodation. We also look for the small and intimate touches a hotel provides, often characteristics of a particular area of Spain, or the ethos of the owners and management team when including a hotel in our collection.

We also know that people seek different hotel experiences on different occasions. Our reviews of each hotel tackle this in an honest and open way, which we believe is the invaluable ingredient to enable you to choose what’s just right for you.

The Spain in Style collection represents a hand-picked range of over 60 hotels and exceptional places to stay where you will be looked after in style; the way we have been looked after ourselves when we have stayed there. None of the properties we have included have paid to be there and only those that truly deserve the ‘luxury’ title in our eyes have made it into our collection.

We hope you enjoy the collection as much as we have enjoyed creating it.
Alan & Fiona
Spain in Style founders.

Who’s behind Spain in Style?

Alan and Fiona, the founders of Spain in Style, share a joint passion for luxury hotels and resorts which they discovered in their early twenties whilst working their way through the famed ‘Book of the Best’.

As they each established themselves as career professionals, one a lawyer the other a business leader in the travel sector, they fuelled their passion and knowledge for good hotels by spending a great deal of time in some of the best hotels and resorts around the world for both business and pleasure. Today they have deep domain knowledge of what it takes to create a luxurious hotel experience and a very discerning eye for the best.

The duo’s love of Spain stems from Alan’s family. Alan grew up in London and travelled regularly from a young age with his English mother and Spanish father, who was Vice President of one of the world’s leading hotel groups.

Spain in Style is founded and managed by Alan and Fiona and is owned by UK Traveljunction Ltd, part of The Clicksco Group which is headquartered in Dubai and now has offices in Dallas, Lahore, Hyderabad, Moscow, London and Middlesbrough.